Written By: Rena Chiovelli – Content Creator – P*ink Writing for Business

I know there’s a good chance I’m going to be called out on my bias here. Even so, I’m going to say it out loud and risk the arguments. I truly believe:

Copy is the biggest contributing factor towards your business growth.

Now before you point out all of the other areas that contribute to growth (competitive advantage, consumer demand, branding…and so on), let me explain my reasoning. You might just end up agreeing.

For starters, in today’s market, your content is often your first point of contact to potential clients. From websites to Facebook groups, to Instagram stories and ads, the opportunity to convert clients with that first impression is pure gold. Yes, a picture can tell a thousand words; but what you write in your post can give it that all important context, sharper meaning, a call to action, a larger following and a whole host of other benefits that result in growth. More on that in a bit.

But first, it’s important to know the power of your words in that first connection with people. The good news is there are so many ways you can create that initial connection. If you can’t seem to find that great first impression with your existing web copy, try interviewing or beta testing with those in your target audience and find out why. Are you using the right language? Does your copy resonate with them? Do they understand what you are saying? What is missing in your message?

Beyond web copy, don’t forget the opportunity your social media pages have in making that first connection. Fifty-seven percent of consumers report being influenced to feel more highly about a company by seeing positive comments online. Adding in testimonials or highlighting that feedback on a Facebook ad can mean higher conversion and more power to your growth plan. Make no mistake, if you undervalue the benefit of your copy and don’t exploit your content as a key opportunity to grow your business, your growth will stall at best – flop at worst.

Now, with that in mind, I need to continue my ever-present harping about using your copy to create your business voice. Who you really are, and the persona of your business content is what will really connect and convert. Creating well-voiced copy is a foundational piece of creating and maintaining relationships with clients. In today’s business world people can grow to know you, what you do, what you offer and what you value before you ever say a word out loud to them. On point, here is a recent example from my own personal life.

I recently posted in a specialized business group looking for a relationship coach. (Reasons I need one will have to wait for another post, on a different blog.) I outlined my needs and what I wanted – and what I didn’t want – from the services of this coach. I received dozens and dozens of replies and responses. So many, I was obviously not able to have a conversation with each of them about potentially working with them. So what did I do? I scanned all of the responses and direct messages from coaches and very quickly and easily narrowed it down to 2-3 coaches I would connect with further to have a discovery call. It took me all of ten minutes to determine who I would hire based on almost 100 responses. Here are two examples of what I received:

Hey groovy gal! I know You’re getting awesome responses from your post. So I will just let you know that I offer a free 30 minute session.  If you feel led to take me up on it…I am happy to connect.
Hi Rena! I’m following up on your post from last night. I work with free-spirited, independent women who have been disappointed a few too many times yet still believe in love. I know there are a lot of love gurus out there and the amount of advice can be overwhelming. If you like, I’d like to offer you a 20-30 minute call for free in which you could tell me more about what you are struggling with and I’d coach you accordingly, no strings attached. If you like my vibe, I’ll tell you about the beta level package I’m currently offering. It’s important for you to find a coach that feels right for you because this is such vulnerable area.  So let me know how that feels and we can coordinate our schedules. But whatever you decide, I just want to say thank you and acknowledge you for not giving up on love. The world needs more love and I know it’s searching for you too!

While there was nothing wrong with either of these messages, any idea who I might have discarded? The first example lacked clarity, personal touch and seemed generic and rehearsed. (Though I admit, I AM a groovy gal.)

The second example I connected with immediately, and she quickly became a coach I chose to follow up with. Her copy shone a light on who she was, and what her business values were. She treated me with kindness, understanding and respected what I was asking for. The call afterward simply confirmed what I already knew. I wanted to work with her as soon as I read her message to me.

This brings me to my final point. Creating good, consistent copy on social media is the best way to use copy to your advantage and build your business. My personal experience aside, research shows just how imperative good social media content is to sales. Social media plays a bigger role in purchasing decisions right now than television does. A THIRD of millennials say social media is their preferred way to communicate with a business. With 90 percent of millennials using social media, there is a high likelihood your growth will be affected by your social media presence.

So, how can you maximize the use of copy for your business growth?

Here are a couple of tricks to remember that can help your bottom line:

Lather, rinse, repeat.

  • Lather: Craft your key messages. It’s important your messages are crystal clear and easy to understand. Keep your copy tone and style consistent across all platforms.
  • Rinse: Tweak them for various platforms. While your message stays the same, exactly how you say it can change from place to place. Use each platform appropriately for the highest return.
  • Repeat: Push those messages out at every opportunity. It’s the consistency and repetition that will yield the most results in conversion and sales.

Test your copy with existing clients.

  • Market research can be costly and time-consuming, so a quick way to get a feel for how your copy is resonating ask those who you’ve already built a relationship with for their thoughts on how you can improve your copy.

How do you use copy to increase your bottom line? Do you think content writing is the most important aspect of growing your business? How many new clients does your copy bring into your business?

Comment below, I’d love to hear what you think.


Rena Chiovelli is the founder of P*ink – Writing for Business.

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