Written by: Meg Weinkauf – The Faithful Leader – Leadership Coach

Do you see publicity as intimidating? If so, you’re not alone. A lot of people believe gaining publicity is only for those with a huge following. And, honestly, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Take it from Ieva, The Friendly Publicist who says all it takes is effective communication and building relationships. You might think, okay…if it is that easy why doesn’t everyone do it?

Fear and misconception. That’s why.

In the case of publicity and putting yourself out there, starting is the hardest part. When we realized most people, in general, are awkward and have a hard time putting themselves out there it becomes easier to do. For example, when Ieva was working at a popsicle stand she started reaching out to people to gain publicity. At first, she thought of herself as a lowly popsicle stand employee but soon realized the influence she had. When the lightbulb came on she knew others could do this too. Now, she helps people gain their own publicity all the time.

Have you ever thought the world needs what you have to offer? It’s true.

Behind every “brand” is a person. Our world needs to know your true authentic self. By stepping out of your comfort zone there is an opportunity for your unique gifts and talents to be introduced to the world.

What you are doing in this world matters. The wonderful thing about publicity and building relationships with people online takes away the “salesyness” because there are people out there looking for the solution you already offer. With written and verbal communication you become better the more you do it. And, there is a ton of help out there to improve these skills.

Each connection point is an opportunity to cultivate great relationships. What is a connection point? Meg, The Faithful Leader is glad you asked. A connection point could be your digital footprint, a picture on a social media profile, e-mail, podcast, website, or any messaging you put out into the world. Everyone is influencing someone else online or in-person. Treating others like you would want to be treated at all times is a good rule to building relationships that last.

Remember, you got this. We at Prodigy Collective believe in you. If you need more help with publicity or leadership, reach out anytime.


Meg Weinkauf is the founder of The Faithful Leader

“Stop looking. Be found.” This is the mindset The Faithful Leader™ brings to each and every coaching client. If you are tired of spinning your wheels or don’t know what to do in order to advance–to move forward in your mission–then it’s time to take daring action.

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